Dawki lake in Shillong

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  • There is one exceptional guideline, over all others, for being a globe-trotter. Whatever comes, face it on your feet and travel the world.
  • I have lived in the mountains my whole life, still I love to get in to the mountains and its excellence never wears me out. There is such a spot which has been on my radar for a long while. As I generally do a plummet research prior to making my brain up of visiting a spot, so was the situation with this spot also. Around 85km from Shillong there is an otherworldly spot – Dawki – the last town in Meghalaya which is on the line with Bangladesh. It is on a slope and we can see fields of Bangladesh up and down the course to Dawki.
  • We began our excursion at 8:00 am in the first part of the day with a call from our driver Mr. Suman getting us up at 7:30 am, the planned season of takeoff. Wangkhon and I quickly had ourselves spruced up till we hung tight for one of our companion and began our excursion absent a lot of postponement. As it was my lady visit to Meghalaya, it had a great deal more to bringing to the table and I was unable to hold on to see the superb of it. With only a few of minutes since we hit the street my companion freind began vomiting.
  • I wouldn’t fault the thrilling streets as he, when all is said and done, was a local to the spot. We halted for some time till he recuperated and we proceeded onward.

The way to Dawki was surprising and upside down. Anyway the streets are all around kept up fundamentally on the grounds that the street is essential for Indo-Bangla exchange. Not a long way from Dawki we arrived at a spot in the slopes where we can see the Bangladeshi fields

. Very little kind of waow factor in seeing the fields however it was a greater amount of an accomplishment in seeing an alternate country not a long way from where you stand. As closer we were getting to Dawki, not long before the Dawki Bridge you could see the perfectly clear water of Umngot River. I had seen a few photos of the waterway in web-based media and that had propelled me to contact this spot. I swear its excellence was cherry on the cake and a treat for eyes. It was incredibly lovely. There additionally lied the Dawki Bridge in transit adding more excellence to it. It was built by the Britishers. We arrived at the line at around 11:00 am. We took a ton of pictures in and around the line. There were kids’ playing in the dead zone. The Border Security Force (BSF) didn’t fret over them. The security powers were extremely modest and they likewise let us inside Bangladesh around 5 meters.

Companions and I were excited in intersection the Radcliffe Line and setting the foot on both the sides of the country. It was first of its sort insight.

  • We at that point returned to Dawki town and leased the boat for Rs. 400. The fisherman guaranteed us to count on us of the stream and revealed to us that we could invest some energy in the bank on the off chance that we pay him Rs. 100 extra. We concurred and sat on the boat. What’s more, here the always remembering venture starts. The waterway was obvious to the point that we could in a real sense see the stones inside the stream and few fishes hopping over the stream. It was a nostalgic inclination when you are overpowered by its excellence. We were unable to stop ourselves taking recordings and pictures and sailing directly through the Dawki Bridge was entrancing. While on our way back to the bank, an angler on his boat began whistling. In spite of the fact that it was a thoughtless whistling however I could feel he was speaking with the sound of wind, moving and composing excellent verse across the skies. With the ride practically reaching a conclusion, I had a blended sensation of not releasing the second yet in addition had it in my brain that I would make another encounter with more individuals, to share your story to the world.

Not long after our boat ride, we had tea and snacks in a little slow down. At this point we were in a real sense hungry yet we kept our stomach tight until we arrive at our next objective to have a true Meghalaya food. We at that point chose to say goodbye from a neglected Dawki to the investigated Mawlynnong Village.

Mawlynnong is a little town with around 80 family units, in lash-green East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya. It has likewise won the honor for being the cleanest town in Asia. We arrived at the town around 45 minutes drive from Dawki and were astounded by the excellence of the spot. There were lovely gardens on the whole the houses with different assortments of blossoms. The street was exceptionally spotless and all of the street was all-climate. Every one of the inward streets inside the town were made of cement. Before each house and shop, there were wonderful bamboo bushels as residue containers.

  • We saw the “Adjusting Stone”; it was in fact a wonder. You could see the enormous stone adjusting over a little stone. We took a few pictures there and set out toward our next treat – “The Living Root Bridge”, to which I was holding up the whole day to have a brief look at it. We took the little street which went down through rough steps. Just 60 stages underneath laid a wonderful living root connect maybe 250-400 years of age. We were amazed to see the extension. There were two trees which had their underlying foundations over a little stream passing by so that individuals could go over the roots to the next bank. We began posturing for pictures practically through all points of the extension yet with numerous vacationers overflowed in the sight; we could scarcely get our singles. By and by, we figured out how to get not many of our singles. We at that point moved up the 60 stages back; it was such a lot of tiring when you are on a run since morning. On our way back, there laid a sky see, a 85 feet high review tower that is made of bamboo where you could see the whole town. We went to the highest point of the flight of stairs to the stage and saw the higher perspective of the whole town. The steps were made of bamboo and were attached to a tree. We were charmed by the possibility of the extension and stage made of bamboo.